Bandra issue

Issue #14


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From Catholicism and crosses, to dwindling community spirit and the plague, much like Bandra itself, issue 14 of Motherland has it all. Read more

Issue #13

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In the thirteenth issue of Motherland we’re looking at the armed forces from all angles. Read more

Issue #12

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The twelfth issue of Motherland tackles a hyper-local phenomenon: the item number Read more

Issue #11

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The eleventh issue of Motherland sits close to the bone, touching on the border between the world and ourselves: skin Read more

Issue #10

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In Motherland's tenth edition, we explore borders in all forms. What happens at the intersections of the lines drawn through society and culture... Read more

Issue #9

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As one of the fastest-growing cities in Asia, we're used to hearing about Gurgaon as home to multinational HQs, five-star hotels and countless shopping malls... Read more

Issue #8

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In Motherland's eighth edition, we bring together a range of perspectives on what performance means, whether it's stuntmen training for films in Chennai... Read more

Issue #7

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In Wieden+Kennedy's seventh edition of Motherland, we explore the different ways in which belief in ghosts and the supernatural persist in India down the ages and today... Read more

Issue #6


In this edition, we explore the contemporary world of Indian prisons, as they are understood both literally and metaphorically, to uncover the unique realities... Read more


Issue #5


For this issue, we set our sights on uncovering the unique ways in which people in contemporary India are engaging with an idea of ecology... Read more


Issue #4


In the "Northeast" issue, Motherland explores the culturally diverse Northeastern part of the country which for many, still exists on India's periphery... Read more


Issue #3

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For this issue, we look at India through a party lens, at how different subcultures relate to parties – political, recreational or both at once... Read more

Issue #2

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In our "Stargazing" issue, Motherland moves beyond notions of stargazing, from habitual celebrity voyeurism to backyard astronomy, to bring about an insight into subcultures not normally associated... Read more

Issue #1

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Motherland's inaugural "Freedom" issue explores different interpretations and ideas pertaining to liberation, in today's contemporary India... Read more


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